4 Glitzy Beauty Summertime Tips

4 Glitzy Beauty Summertime Tips

It’s summertime and that means it’s all about showing your skin and embracing your beauty. We all like to look beautiful and feel beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Show off the best version of yourself, when you feel amazing it reflects in our overall happiness and mood.

During the summer the climate is much different from the cold winter months, so our beauty routine may have to be adjusted to accommodate the summer weather. Having great skin and hair takes work, there is a saying “beauty never rests” and it’s true, what you do today can and will affect tomorrow.

Take action by setting off to enhance your beauty by following these 4 tips to stay glamorous during the summer.

Create fabulous skin your skin with simplicity

During summertime, Le Savon recommends toning down on the heavy make-up routine and go lighter. Whether your jet-setting through the airport to your next summer vacation or heading into the office for an important meeting, keep your makeup simple and classic to reveal the more natural you.

The breezy humid summertime air allows your skin to naturally radiate and show its luminous nature. Switch to applying multitasking makeup products, which can cover a more basis. Make sure to apply hydrating sunscreen to help protect your face from sun exposure.

Girl, Wash your hair less

We tend to want to wash our hair very often to keep a clean fresh look, however during the summer this can actually be more damaging to our hair. When you wash your hair you are taking all the moisture out of it causing a dryer scalp.

The humidity during the summer naturally helps keep your hair moisturized. Shop around for a good leave-in conditioner to use on your hair, conditioners help keep your hair healthy and provide a great source of protein to help rebuild damaged, tangled hair.

Sweat it out Girlfriend

You would be surprised how much dirt we build up in our skin over the years, all of those particles need to be released from your pores. One of the best ways to naturally clean your pores is sweating it out. When we sweat, we cleanse the toxins out deep within our pores.

Try taking a hot yoga class or hit the steam room at your gym, if you haven’t had a good natural sweat in a while, you will feel revitalized and refreshed as if you just have taken a shower. When you decided to take on an activity that will help you induce a great sweat, try and avoid using waterproof sunscreen when you use waterproof sunscreen the chemicals used in it can interfere with your body’s ability to naturally sweat it out.

Glamorize those legs

Summer is all about showing off those legs, between swimsuits, short dresses, and skirts, your legs are on display. Make them shimmer with using a thick layer of lotion to hydrate and moisturize them to the fullest.

Think about adding some summer color to your legs by getting a summer tan, tan legs, by giving your legs a tan, it adds an overall brightness to them and makes them very stylish.