4 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Heading to Bed

Woman laying down in bed

Let’s face it; Many Americans run on very little sleep. Because of this, a solution is a pressing issue for many pharmaceutical markets as they improve both over-the-counter and prescribed medications. Headlines about insomnia have become a norm in America with people tossing and turning for a much-needed rest. Still, the truth is bitter as many of us spend a lot of time in our bed doing other things besides snoozing. The following are some things you should avoid when you’re in your bed.

Watching TV

For a lot of us, watching reruns of our favorite show is a ritual. And while it’s relaxing to do, the outcome effects is much different than we imagine. Instead of sending us to dreamland, the flickering lights will have our bodies staying awake. Why? While the screen’s glow may seem stimulating, it stunts the secretion of melatonin (the hormone responsible for a full night’s rest). You may want to think about watching television before sleeping again!

Checking Social Media

Many of us keep our phone close to our bed in case someone needs to reach us at any given time. It might be tempting to check your Facebook, work email, and Instagram while you’re in relaxing, but this should be avoided at all times. Experts say that electronic devices emit a certain type of light that interfere with our sleep. Because of that, it disrupts our body clock.

Get Involved in a Heated Discussion

Our most intimate conversations with our partners usually happen in bed. It gives us the time to unwind and engage in a positive connection with them. However, after a stressful day, it might be tempting to lash out and bicker. When you’re feeling agitated, experts say that it’s best to settle the discussion before heading to sleep. Instead, opt to cuddle your partner as it releases some feel-good hormones called endorphins which will relieve the tension.

Let the Dog Join You

This is highly debated within the community as some people prefer to sleep next to their dogs. However, those who oppose it says that pets can disrupt sleep because they tend to move around the bed, make noise and take space. Ideally, we want our dogs to understand that they have a bed to use when we all hit the hay, but this is not always the case. If your pets are quiet sleepers, it might be best to give them a try sometime!