4 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Bed

Le Savon Woman Sitting on the bed

Feeling well-rested is imperative to our energy level, mood, and overall health. Our sleep is dependent on what we do during the day as some can be sneaky saboteurs that could hinder us from getting the much Zzzz. Before crawling into bed, there are some things you shouldn’t be doing.

Using Smartphones and E-Readers

Many studies have shown that simply using our phone, e-readers or watching television can disrupt our sleep. It’s recommended that we avoid light-emitting devices for at least one hour before heading to bed. The blue light that’s found in the TV, tablets, smartphones and computers hinders the production of melatonin which is responsible for making us sleepy.

Text Your Friends

Be careful about sleeping next to your phone before going to bed. It might seem like a good idea to have a relaxing conversation with a friend instead of a phone call, but this could extend our attention span making us stay awake. If you must, silence your device before bed, so you don’t get any disruptions.

Drinking Tea

Some people avoid drinking coffee because they want to prevent the spur of energy, so they opt for tea. Little do they know that tea contains caffeine. Varieties such as black, white, green or oolong tea carry hints of caffeine that can sneak up on you. Even if the label says “herbal tea,” you should watch out for them as they have hints of caffeine. If you must have a beverage before bed, opt for something that’s non-caffeinated.

Eating Chocolate

Another one that can sneak up on you is chocolate. To those who really enjoy dark chocolate, be careful as they carry caffeine due to their cacao contents. Some people might not think about it especially when they want to indulge in something sweet. But in fact, a Hershey’s Special Dark Bar can have as much caffeine content as a can of coke. Yikes!