5 Common Beauty Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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By now, you probably notice that we’re obsessed with all things makeup, skincare, and fashion.

Mistakes You Could Be Making Right Now

We’ll be the first ones to say it; it is pretty daunting! Some tips can easily get lost in our pile of advice while tips could be overused. Like, how can you be sure you’re using the right foundation? Or is moisturizing really that important when you have oily skin? The following are some mistakes you could be doing now!

You neglect to clean your brushes.

We’ve all done it before! Even the most active makeup artists have neglected to clean their makeup brushes from time to time because it is time-consuming. It’s like the least favorite part of cosmetology. With that said, dirty makeup brushes can cause your skin to breakout and they can also affect your application process due to colors getting muddled. So cut ties with this poor hygienic habit, and start cleaning your brushes!

Applying foundation on the back of your hand.

We often see makeup artists do this, and while the swatches look really cool on the skin, the truth is, you should probably start testing your foundation on the jawline. Why? Often, our hands and face don’t receive the same sun exposure making a huge contrast between the two. So the next time, try applying a sample on your face to find that incredible match.

Always applying waterproof mascara.

Unless you’re a swimmer or you often sweat, you should not be wearing waterproof mascara on a daily basis. It can dry out the lashes, and it is difficult to remove! Also, you could potentially lose some of those lashes as you rub it during the cleaning process. Yikes!

Applying too much foundation.

There is no reason for you to apply too much foundation on your skin unless you want to hide blemishes and discoloration. Foundation can make it look like you’re wearing a sticky mask! Instead, focus on the areas you want to cover such as the undereye, T-zone, and nose.

Neglecting to use primer when using glitter eyeshadows.

If you’re getting a lot of glitter fallout, you’re applying your eyeshadow wrong. Instead, use an eye primer to make them pop and stick together. Want an alternative? Try dampening your brush with a redness-relieving eye drop and dab a shade of glitter with it. Yes, it sounds a little bizarre, but this technique works. For excess particles, use a strip of adhesive.