5 Habits to Develop Healthy Skin

We all have a routine that we follow throughout the day. Wake up, take a shower, get dressed, got to work, etc. But what you may not realize is that some of your daily habits could be affecting your skin. It can be hard to notice the effects of your everyday habits on your skin, but over time, they can start to take a toll. To help prevent your skin from becoming damaged by certain practices, these are five habits you can change in your life to develop healthy skin.


Staying late at the office, binge watching Netflix, or staying out late with friends are all events in which you are sacrificing sleep. A good night’s rest after a long day is a vital part of healthy skin. Like the term ‘beauty sleep’, getting at least seven hours of sleep a night can keep the skin from developing periorbital hyperpigmentation better known as ‘raccoon eyes.’ It is okay to have late nights every once in awhile, but growing sleep deprivation can drastically affect your appearance and health. If you start to feel sleep deprived, start going to bed earlier than usual, and maybe give up night outs for a week.

Sun Exposure

Typically we only think to put sunblock on our skin when we are going to the pool, beach, or hiking. If you think about it, our skin is exposed to sun rays every day. While driving in the car, walking down the street are all times in which the sun is fixated on our faces. Putting on a thin layer of daily facial sunblock will help keep your skin protected from the harsh rays that you may not know you are unguarded. If you wear foundation, many makeup brands offer foundation with SPF in it so you can prevent clogging your pores with excessive cover up.


Avoiding stressful situations can be tough. You may be dealing with work or personal stress that you feel you can’t get a break. For your skin, stress can cause cortisol to break down collagen and elastin. That will cause the development of wrinkles to progress faster. In any situation that you are feeling stressed out, take some time for yourself. Take a bubble bath with candles, read a couple of chapters of a book with tea, do yoga, anything that will give you some to unwind. Doing this will give your body peace and help keep your skin looking younger.

Being Active

Sometimes finding time to be active is a hassle. Work is jam-packed busy, you have a family to care for, and going to the gym is not in the books for you. However, there are plenty of ways you can become active without having to go to a gym. Doing at least 30 minutes a day of activity can help slow the aging process. You can do at home workout videos, a routine found on the internet, or go for a run!

Eating Healthy

Apart from keeping your lifestyle healthy is to eat better. There are many unhealthy eating habits we develop over time. Processed, sugary, and fatty foods can cause our body’s to produce excessive amounts of oil glands in our skin. These can create unwanted acne and blemishes. Eating foods high in omega 3s, antioxidants, and vitamin C benefit your skin immensely. Greens, walnuts, salmon, and berries are some prime examples that you should start to incorporate into your lifestyle.