Addressing Your Morning Routine For a Healthier You

woman smiling

Sometimes it’s just difficult to make healthy decisions after waking up in the morning. While coffee is great for the body, relying on a cup of joe doesn’t necessarily prepare you for the day. The following are smart morning routines that doctors follow to feel refreshed.

Plan the Evening Before

After hopping out of bed, practice working on your morning routine. If necessary, plan a quick routine in the evening to make it easier. For example, prepare your work clothes, so you don’t have to rummage through the closet. Doing this saves time for more productive activities.

Don’t Forget Your Water

Before grabbing the morning coffee, replenish yourself with water. After all, your body needs it more than the cup of joe. Also, with a  good ole H2O, it sets your morning straight! If you think you’re getting enough water, you may want to think twice. Studies show that people who are well-hydrated visit the restroom at least seven times per day.

Stretch Those Muscles

Welcome, your day feeling refreshed by stretching five to ten minutes every morning. Some like to do a variety of stretches along with yoga.

Take Some Me Time

A home full of people and an office packed with coworkers make it difficult to grab some personal time. Still, squeezing in 45 minutes to exercise on the treadmill or elliptical is enough to give you that satisfaction. Try waking up before the sun rises when everyone else is still sleeping. This way, it makes it easier to claim for some me-time.

The Priority of Breakfast

Drinking coffee isn’t considered breakfast. Instead, have a hearty breakfast with one egg, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and avocado. Of course, you can customize your meal however you like, but we suggest a plate filled with color!