How to Create a Home Spa Experience

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It’s easy to get lost in the soothing bath using bath salts, but did you know that there’s more to bath salts than just smelling and looking great? In fact, when bath salts are used in its purest form, it holds nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for the body. 


Potassium, magnesium, bromide, calcium, and sodium are just some of the minerals found in several bath salt. On a molecular level, these healthful elements are absorbed into the skin to improve tone, texture and radiance. Calcium promotes with water retention in addition to helping to keep our bones strong and healthy. Magnesium combats fatigue and relieves stress. Potassium aids in skin balance, and soothing sore muscles are thanks to bromide.


Your pores expand when you’re in a warm bath. This allows the minerals from the bath salts work its magic. When you use this solution, it drives the impurities such as dirt, oil, and pollution away from the skin.


This one is our favorite.  Bath salts have the ability to keep your skin looking younger because it draws the impurities away from the skin. When you regularly use this, it is proven to decrease fine lines by balancing your skin’s moisture and plumping up the skin.


Bath salts aid in the promotion of sleep when they are infused with essential oils like chamomile or lavender. So if you’re having trouble sleeping, take a lovely bath and unwind!

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