Creative Uses of Lipstick For the New Year

image of lipsticks on the table

You’d be surprised how versatile a lipstick can be. If you think it’s only applicable on the lips, think again.

Lipstick is Not Just For the Lips

With so many different shades and brands out in the market, a good lipstick can significantly transform your whole look. It can make a fresh face totally glamorous and healthy-looking and make a smokey eye even hotter. Even though a lipstick is meant for the lips, it also has amazing uses with so many things you’ve never even thought of before. Here are some creative ways to use lipstick.

As a Blush

Next time you forget to put your blush in your purse, or just need a little retouch on the go, remember a lipstick make a fabulous cream blush. It is also longer-lasting and stays put. Plus, it looks natural when blended correctly.

As a Pen

In case you lose a pen and need one so badly, a lipstick can rescue you because it’s great for writing down messages in a pinch. You can also leave a cute note on the mirror for your boyfriend or yourself.

As a Lip Gloss

Mash it up with some Vaseline, and you got yourself a lip gloss. You can create your very own custom gloss in a second.

As an Eyeshadow Base

Lipstick can be a great cream base for the eyeshadow. Use a nude lipstick to create a fresh palette on your eyelids and amp up the intensity of your look by using a colored lipstick.

As a Tattoo Coverup/Concealer

Trace your tattoo with red lipstick, fill it in then cover the lipstick with concealer and powder. Tattoos are difficult to cover but with the help of some lipstick, you’re okay.

The Bottomline

Makeup is an art. So you can be as creative as you can be. The uses of makeup, especially a lipstick, can go a long way if you would let it do its job differently. A single item can do many wonders, and that’s the power of lipstick.