6 Fall Makeup Tips

Best Fall Makeup Tips

Autumn is here and winter is right around the corner, so that means shifting our makeup routines which include easy and foolproof makeup tips to keep our skin aligned with the season. Glitter, eyes that pop, light-filled touches, stained lips… the coming season promises a shimmery new take on some old favorites. Below we’ve listed several of the best fall makeup tips this season.

Beautify Your Fall Makeup

1. Stained Lips

There are many different stains from just about every makeup line coming out these days, but have you tried any of them? If not, start looking at them now and try out several different shades! Long lasting color without a heavy matte feeling, you can also add a bit of gloss so your lips shine and stand out!

2. Cat Eyes

This classic makeup tip for fall doesn’t take any time at all! Multi-purpose and seductive; use it for an office look or even for a night out under the autumn moon. Put a modern twist on the vintage cat eye by keeping the lower lash bare for a beautiful twist!

3. Subtle Shades

For a subtle way to bring out your eyes, use colorful eyeshadow to do it! A light dusting of a colorful fall shade makes your eyes stand out and give them some shine! To diffuse the color a little bit, use a lighter shade right under your brow to highlight the brow bone and tone it down!

4. Copper Colors

Coppers and metallics are huge again this fall and no matter your skin tone, copper should be incorporated somehow! Whether it’s a swipe along your lids, some bronzer in your cheekbones, or maybe a little copper-colored lipstick, this trend can really give you a warm, toned look!

5. Jewel

Jewel tones, along with metallic makeup is a huge fall makeup tip! Whether you use a bit of metallic or copper eyeshadow (as mentioned above) or whether you opt for a jewel-toned lipstick, this trend won’t be going away anytime soon! This look can be used with trademark colors like burgundy, plum, and forest green, plus these shades are often combined with neutral colors to give a warm, but smoky feel.

6. Purple Smoke

Speaking of smoke, this season, one of the best fall makeup tips are purple smokey eyes! Purple is a great way to bring out the green in your eyes, but it also looks great with brown hues and pairs well with blue, too! To complete this look, use gray or black in the creases, sweep outwards, and use a sweep of silver on the lid for an evening affair.