Foundation, Concealers, Primers, and What!?

image of someone applying makeup.

Nope– they are not all the same thing. But these beauty babies are the key to flawless face as they are considered the first cosmetic products we need to apply before anything else. However, in today’s cosmetic market, there are just a lot of them that can somehow confuse newbies or even the gurus.

The Different Types of Face Makeup

Foundations, concealers, primers and even face powders are essential to a day’s beautiful work of art. Skip one of them, and your face won’t end up the as fabulous as it should be. Applying face makeup should only take a few minutes and can make a big impact on your overall look. A primer conditions your face to wear cosmetics and holds it all day to give you a smudge-free look all day. A foundation, on the other hand, is a colored makeup that matches your complexion that creates an even look to smoothen out flaws and blemishes. A concealer hides away any remaining skin imperfections and can brighten up your face. And lastly, a face powder blots away any excess oil from the other makeup products to give you a shine-free and long-lasting radiance. Here are the different types of face makeup and find out which one suits your skin best.


These kinds of face makeup usually come in a bottle, and it’s more sanitary if used with a pump. They are usually lightweight and the easiest to apply on face, making it the most popular choice among consumers. Since they come in a liquid form, they are easy to blend. Under this type of makeup, you can choose between oil-based or water-based. People with dry skin should go for an oil-based foundation, concealer or primer since they are thick and greasy, leaving the skin moist and supple. Otherwise, people with normal or combination skin should go for a water-based makeup.


The cream products contain oil and are thick in texture. They offer heavier coverage and more moisture to the skin than any other types of makeup. Cream foundations, primers, and concealers are best suited for women with normal and dry skin. However, the ones with oily skin should avoid this since they will only exacerbate oil.


Stick foundations and concealers come in a solid form and provide a matte finish to the face. They tend to dry quickly, but they mask skin flaws effectively. Usually, they are used for photo shoots and stage dramas or any other special occasions since they are not recommended for daily use. Women with dry and normal skin should avoid this kind of makeup since it may leave the skin dry and blotchy.


These are natural products derived from ground minerals and are safe for all skin types. They are available as loose powders which can be used either wet or dry– depending on your needs. But mineral products are most suitable for people who have sensitive skin as they are made with less harmful chemicals.

The Bottomline

Face makeup is often neglected and underestimated. But the power of foundations, concealers, and primers are impeccable and make a big difference on one’s overall look. With the right amount of knowledge and type of products, you can always glide your favorite cheek and eye makeup more smoothly and flawlessly. Foundations, concealers, and primers are so much more than they are.