Galactic Like Bath Bombs

le savon las vegas bath bombs

If you’ve visited our store at the Palazzo, you’d know that we’re all about bath bombs, bath salts, and anything to create a luxurious spa oasis. One of the most popular brands that we offer here are bath bombs that fizz right at your bath. It’s fun to watch it softly bubble as it disintegrates in the water.

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One of our favorite bath bombs is the lavender vanilla because it smells fresh and crisp! Not only will it leave your skin feeling soft and silky, but it will freshen up the room with its sweet notes of vanilla and lavender. Our bath bombs are also big in size that it’s more than enough to fill the whole tub.

When you release our bath bombs into your bath, you’ll see rainbow-like colors which add a mystical illusion to your experience. The water turns a slight change in color as the bath bomb dissolves.

Here at Le Savon, we are all about a luxurious skin care. Visit our shop for products like bath bombs, bath salts, candles, and homemade soaps! We are sure not to disappoint.