Handmade Soap Recipes that Exfoliates Your Skin!

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Soap is easy to make when you have the right ingredients for them. Typically, your main bases are shea butter or glycerin. So with that in mind, you can create a variety of textures, scent, and colors with a simple kitchen experiment. Lucky for you, we are experts in handmade soaps! So, we’ve come up with a few recipes that are perfect for use with an extra benefit of exfoliation.

Easy To Do Handmade Soaps

1 cup clear glycerin soap base

3 tbs water

2 tbs almond oil (can be replaced by coconut oil, olive oil or honey)

Soap molds

Exfoliating ingredient: chia seeds, oatmeal, coffee, or cornmeal

Directions for an Easy Handmade Soap

Cut the clear glycerin bar into cubes and melt it in the microwave. We recommend a glass container for this process so that the melted mixture doesn’t easily stick. When the base is slightly cooled off add water, oil, and your dry ingredients. Stir it all together for about three minutes until it is evenly blended. Pour the mixture into the mold.

We think that you deserve a pat on the back when you made your very own exfoliating handmade soap. Use this once a week to remove the excess dead skin on the body! Exfoliating is important for the pores as dirt tends to clog it causing your breakouts. Yikes!

We love to mix and match ingredients for exfoliation as they work together perfectly well. A combination of chia seeds and cornmeal or oatmeal and cinnamon is always our go-to! Still, use your dry ingredients to test what works best for your skin.