Here’s the How-to on Detox Baths

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Did you know that you’re detoxifying your body when you sweat? Even the act of exercising is good enough for a detox. Still, there’s nothing like a relaxing bath to unwind the yourself and ultimately remove all the toxins. If you’re struggling to get the toxins out of your body, detoxification is the best way to flush them out.

Taking a Detox Bath

Preparing Your Body for the Process

We recommend that you drink one glass of water before you get into a detox bath. Why? As the minerals remove the toxins away from your skin, your body will get dehydrated. To compensate for the loss, drink water.

Have Your Bathing Products Ready

There are many products on the market that aid in detoxification. Some people use multiple products in their bath to receive the best results from each one. If you don’t have special products with you, you may use some common household products like baking soda, ground ginger, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and Epsom salt.

Brush Your Skin

Remove that extra layer of dead skin by gently sweeping it with a soft bristled brush. Believe it or not, when you brush your skin, it speeds up the lymphatic system’s capability to remove waste.

Lighten Up the Mood

Detoxing should be a pleasurable activity that is meant to soothe and relax the nerve. Create an a spa-like experience to help you unwind. Run warm water to the bath and wait until it is filled. While the water is running, add all the bath products you want such as bath bombs and bath salts.


Now that you have your bath ready light up some candles, listen to music, read a book and enjoy your fabulous detox bath! Immerse yourself in a warm bath for about 20-30 minutes to feel the difference.