How to Match Your Makeup to Your Outfit

How to Match Your Makeup to Your Outfit

“The joy of dressing is an art.” -John Galliano

How to Match Your Makeup to Your Outfit

As fashion and beauty trends come and go, it can be fun putting together looks that satisfy your own style and mood. There are no rules when styling your makeup and outfits, but it can be easy to go overboard or have no inspiration to pull from. Don’t think about this too hard, we have some tips and tricks that can inspire you to color coordinate your beauty look with your fashion attire. Just keep on reading and remember to have fun with it!

Pick a focal point

Less is definitely more when it when comes to this tip. A look that has too much going on can be confusing or unflattering. Remember, you don’t want the clothes wearing you. You want your outfit to correspond with your makeup to compliment what you want to spotlight. For example, if you’re planning to go all out with your makeup with glitter or a bold lipstick, try going for a simple dress. But if your dress is flashy and the highlight of your look, try keeping your makeup clean and simple with colors that’ll compliment in return.

Keep your colors balanced

Try sticking with a color theme and distribute the colors with your outfit and makeup evenly. By keeping a consistent color palette, you’ll most likely not go overboard. Also, don’t be afraid of neutrals! Neutral colors are classic staples and never go out of style. You can never go wrong with browns and blush colored eyeshadows because they can pair with any lip and outfit.

Forget about “matchy-matchy”

We aren’t meant to be the fashion police that tells you what to do and don’t with your dresses and lipsticks. Fashion and beauty is an art that reflects who you are and your statement. Don’t get too caught up in perfecting a perfect match because that defeats the purpose of fashion. Remember to keep a color theme or palette compatible and less is more!

Tie in accessories

If you’re having a difficult time choosing colors for a particular outfit, try looking to your accessories for inspiration. From purses, earrings, and shoes, it doesn’t stop there. You could even match your lipstick color to your nails or pedicure. Embrace accessories to compliment your outfit and personality.