How to Pick the Perfect Foundation

How to Pick the Perfect Foundation

“Good skin is the best foundation for your makeup.” -Holland Roden

How to Pick the Perfect Foundation

The options for foundations are endless. Regarding a type of look, skin type, ingredients, and more, it can be challenge to find a foundation that works with your skin shade and what you want it to do for you. Here are few tips to consider when shopping for the perfect foundation.

1. Formula

Think about the type of skin type you have: oily, dry, combo, sensitive, etc. These are really important factors to think about when getting the right foundation because you want it to work right for your skin. If you have a dry skin type, you might want to consider a hydrating foundation and vice versa for oily skin. Another thing you want to consider is additional ingredients you want in your foundation like SPF, built-in primer, etc.

2. Shade

Take the time to test the foundation on your jawline. Many people make the mistake of testing it on the back of their hand. Unfortunately, the shade on our hands isn’t the same color as our neck and jawline. The last thing you want is having your foundation look like a mask because of the color difference between your face and the rest of your body. Swatch a few shades on your jawline and see which one sits on your face the best.

3. Coverage

Are you looking for an everyday foundation or one for a special event? Thinking about the type of coverage you want is important because you want it to cover how much you want of your skin. Usually, a daily foundation is light to a medium coverage so you might want to look into tinted moisturizers or a BB cream. If you need to cover a bit more or looking for an event foundation, maybe consider a medium to full coverage or one that’s buildable.

4. Application

Do you have a specific preference you like to apply your foundation with? From beauty sponges to flat foundation brushes, look to what kind of of lifestyle you have. Always on the go? Try getting a foundation that you can apply with your fingers or a sponge. Have a bit more time in the morning? A flat foundation or buffer brush works wonders for an airbrush finish.

5. Samples and test

When in doubt, ask for samples and test it out for a few days. Foundations can be an investment and don’t feel the need to commit. Ask your beauty retailer for a sample so you can get a feel for it throughout the day and see if you get any allergic reactions. Better safe than sorry!