8 Unexpected Overnight Beauty Tips

8 Unexpected Overnight Beauty Tips

Let’s be honest– sometimes, we don’t have the time out of our busy schedules to do our beauty treatments or even maintenance. But with the overnight hours we have asleep, we can put those hours to good use! As the average individual gets about 7-9 hours of sleep a night, we

8 Easy Overnight Beauty Remedies

1. Overnight face masks

Hence the term “overnight,” there are many face masks that are applied right before bed and left on the entire night. These types of treatments are potent and saturated with ingredients to help the skin absorb its nutrients and giving it more impactful results.

2. Hair masks

Just like overnight masks, hair masks can be used overnight! Get double the treatment while you sleep and wake up with soft, hydrated hair. You can either use a hair mask from your beauty retailer or mix one up in your kitchen with organic ingredients. If you don’t like getting your pillowcases drenched in product, you can easily slip a shower cap over your hair or tie it up in a bun.

3. Lash serum

Nourish and grow those lashes while you sleep with a lash serum. Apply a lash serum or even castor oil on your upper lash line.

4. Lip therapy

Just like the little things matter in life, so does your lips! It’s so common for people to neglect their lips, so give them a good exfoliation and hydrate them with a balm or lip mask right before heading to bed!

5. Serums/oils

Serums and oils work best at night. Because of their strong, powerful potency, maximize the results you want by applying them apart of your nighttime routine. Whatever skincare issues you’re facing, there is a perfect serum or oil that will do the trick!

6. Spot treatment

Whether you’re dealing with acne, dark spots, or even wrinkles, spot treat them at night and let them soak with treatment overnight. When you’re at rest, the body is constantly repairing and healing itself, and with the help of skincare treatment, you’ll definitely achieve the right solution by applying it at night.

7. Body butter/lotion

Apart from taking care of the skin on your face, don’t forget the rest of your body! Dabble and soak your skin in a nice body butter or lotion so you can wake up the next morning with soft, smooth skin!

8. Silk pillowcases

There is a lot of benefits from sleeping with a silk pillowcase. Enhance your beauty sleep with a fabric that’s soft on your hair and minimize wrinkles at the same time! On the plus side, they feel luxurious sleeping at night.