Reasons To Get a Massage – Need We Say More?

Le Savon

We get it! You’re a busy parent with no time for themselves. It’s not that you want the massage anymore; you’re at the point when you NEED the massage. Does a hectic life sound familiar to you? If so, drop whatever you’re doing and read the following reasons why we think you need a massage.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Massage

  1. Better night’s sleep
  2. Promotes relaxation
  3. Lowers the blood pressure
  4. Decreases the frequency of migraines
  5. Reduces nausea related to chemotherapy
  6. Improves cardiovascular health
  7. Decreases pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis
  8. Enhances your performance in exercise
  9. Ease your symptoms to depression
  10. Eases neck pain
  11. Enhances the quality of life
  12. Manages pain caused by the lower-back
  13. Releases headache tensions
  14. Increases your self-awareness
  15. Better circulation
  16. Improves your posture
  17. Promotes deep breathing
  18. Helps with mental alertness
  19. Improves skin health and skin tone
  20. Improves the immune system

So there you have it, twenty reasons why you should get a massage. There are different kinds of stresses both good and bad. Still, we think that you should take the time out of your day for yourself! Need more reasons?

Many people suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain due to poor posture at work. Even with ergonomically designed chairs, there’s no way to avoid aches and pains completely. A massage alleviates the pain by putting pressure on the tensed muscles and creating a better circulation!
Are you suffering from depression or anxiety? Sometimes, work and home can take a toll on people who just needs the time to wind down. With a massage, your stress hormones are reduced which alleviates your blood pressure, and it lifts the spirit!