How to Use Skin Care Products in the Right Order

Learning how to layer your skin care products will help you utilize their benefits.

Our faces get exposed to dirt and oils throughout the day. When it comes to preparing your skin for the day or getting rid of the residual at night, washing your face the correct way can become a hassle. Figuring out if the toner comes before the cleanser, when should you use the moisturizer, are all the questions asked. Here are the answers to those questions with a simple guide to keeping your skin healthy and shining.

Morning Routine

Many people don’t realize the importance of washing their face in the morning. Not only does it wash off the dead skin cells your body sheds every night, but it also helps prepare your skin for the activities that day!

Step 1: Cleanser

Starting with a cleanser gently washes away any possible signs of dirt and oils without drying out the skin or damaging it. Steer clear of cleansers with alcohol or rough scrub, and use a pure foam.

Step 2: Toner

A toner is like the assistant to your cleanser. It picks off any remaining oil and dirt that the cleanser may have left behind. Aside from being the vacuum cleaner for the cleanser, using a toner can help minimize your pores and help those with excessively oily skin.

Step 3: Serum

This step allows you to focus on a particular problem you have with your skin. This can range from acne treatment to uneven skin tone.

Step 4: Moisturizer

The most important skin care product you will use is a moisturizer, especially one with SPF in it. Putting this final layer onto your skin locks in all of the other products,  while also protecting your skin from sun damage with the SPF.  

Night Routine

After a long day of working, playing, or whatever it is you did, your face is ready for a clean slate. Your face washing routine will stay the same in steps 1-3. In step 4, the game is switched up, instead of your daily moisturizer, a soothing night cream comes into play. A night cream will slowly absorb into your skin throughout the evening rather than be absorbing all at once like the moisturizer. This will allow your skin to work throughout the night and keep off grime, dirt, and oils from your beautiful skin!