Skin Care Solutions for the Winter


Winter has its way of drying out our skin which is quite frustrating when you want to stay moisturized. The last thing we want to happen is moisture to leave our skin.

One way to ward off dry skin is by adding extra layers of skin care solutions or more ointments. When you use heavy creams, they have a tendency to prevent water loss and give the moisture we need. So what can you do?

Treat Your Face

Dry skin leads to winter flakes which are normal. But when it’s left untreated, eczema and wrinkles begin to appear. Prevent this from happening by using a heavier night cream that can repair your skin while you’re fast asleep.

Focus on Your Chapped Lips

Extreme weather conditions can leave the layer of the lips feeling rough and chapped. When you lick your lips, you might think that you’re alleviating the issue, but it just makes it worst. How?  As saliva evaporates, moisture leaves the skin making it drier than it was before.

Don’t Forget Your Hands

The thickest area of the skin are the hands. Still, that thick layer doesn’t exactly mean better protection. In fact, the thicker the skin, dead skin, and dehydration are involved. So to fix this issue, add a thicker layer of ointment on the hands. You want to try petrolatum or lanolin as they can be quite effective on the skin.

Of course, when you excessively wash your hands, you’re going to need more application than normal. We highly suggest putting lotion on your skin before bedtime to really lock in the moisture.