Spa Day For Your Last Minute Demands

Women Relaxing on a last minute spa day.

Get yourself back on track by having a spa day. Whether you’re having a stressful week or month, you have an excuse to enjoy some time to unwind. Still, if you’re busy, it might be hard to squeeze in a few hours for an afternoon bliss. We think there’s still ways to relax without completely losing your mind! So our solution to this, have an impromptu session solely for pampering yourself.

You don’t need to prepare for the relaxation especially when you’re in need of this last-minute demand. The following are some ways you can still experience a perfect hour for a busy woman like yourself.

Set the Mood

The ambiance of your room can really set the mood. Transform a space for yourself where you can feel at peace with a Zen-like oasis. Remove harsh lighting and add a few candles for that blissful glow.

Try aromatic scents that will help you relax like jasmine, eucalyptus, or lavender. After that, listen to soothing music that will contribute to reducing your stress. After all, there’s nothing like soft music to melt away the anxiety.

Wear Something Luxurious

Toss the loungewear and slip into something luxurious like a silk kimono or a plush bathrobe. Wearing such things will help your skin feel indulgent and cleansed.

Check Your Pantry

Yes, your pantry can uplift your mood. Well, to an extent. Infuse ginger, lemon, mint, and cucumber into the water for its detoxifying effects. Or you can make a smoothie using honey, cinnamon, almond milk, green tea and more. There’s nothing like an instant boost like those ingredients.