Spring Hair Care Tips

image of woman's hair during the spring time

The season has changed, and so does your hair should, too! Leave behind all your winter hair care routine because spring is here. Because that means a change in how your hair reacts to weather.

How to Take Care of Your Hair This Spring

Everyone is surely excited to spend the season doing more outdoor activities as the temperature starts to rise slowly and the day brings more sunshine every day. A beautiful season also means a beautiful hair. Switch from winter to spring hair care routine easily with these easy tips to follow!

1. Start off with a trim

Because you are leaving behind your winter routine, give your hair a fresh start by getting a trim. By getting rid of split ends, you improve the overall look and feel of your hair! You also reduce breakage, lessen flyaways, and give the illusion of a thicker and shinier hair.

2. Switch shampoo and conditioner

Just like how you change your wardrobe when winter comes, you also change your hair care products when spring arrives! This is because you wouldn’t need heavy moisturization as much anymore.

3. Keep the humidity frizz at bay

Rain causes more frizz in the spring. The rapid increase of humidity after a dry winter causes flyaways and bad hair days even on the sunniest days. So make sure to use an anti-frizz serum and carry a spray, too, for touch-ups.

4. Have a go-to hairstyle

Although April showers may bring out May flowers, they can also bring out the absolute worst in your hair. Make sure to have a go-to hairstyle like putting your hair up in a bun to help you get through a rainy day.

The Bottom Line

Spring hair care can be fun and easy. With all the beautiful sunshine and warm breezes you can get, your hair will definitely love the new season even when you stay the whole time outdoors!