5 Tips for Achieving that Bronze Summer Glow

5 Tips for Achieving that Bronze Summer Glow

No sun, no problem. Sun-tanning is a thing of the past now that we have discovered negative effects such as premature aging and melanoma. Thankfully there are so many ways to achieve a beautiful summer glow. Let’s dive into the many ways you can achieve that faux bronze summer skin.

Essential Tips for Bronze Glowing Skin

Everyone wants that perfectly bronzed summer glow especially now that summer has arrived. But the big question is, how do we achieve that perfectly tanned skin?

1. Bronzing Body Oil

There are so many amazing products to choose from. Companies are now coming out with luxurious body oils that are extremely hydrating and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Bronzing oils are a perfect way to fake a tan especially if you’re looking to avoid self tanners. They add the right amount of color and help you stay hydrated all day long. The good news for those that do not want to commit to a bronze glow is that a body oil will wash right off.

2. Self Tanners

For a good faux glow, there are many different self tanning formulas that are different for every skin type. Self tanners are perfect before vacation, during, and even after for that post vacation glow. Some celebrities like Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes swears by layering sunscreen and the Nars Monoï body glow for sun-kissed skin.

3. Bronzers

It’s easy convincing your friends you’ve just returned from the beach with the right bronzer. Some bronzers don’t even require a brush. Brands like Milk, Nars, Laura Mercier, and Tom Ford sell crayons and gels that can be easily applied without a brush.

4. Exfoliate

Ok, so this one might not give you that instant bronze look you’re going for. However, exfoliating the skin works wonders to remove the dead skin and buff out any impurities. Getting rid of the dullness in the skin will allows moisturizing products to effectively penetrate into the skin.

5. Skin tints

These are great to apply under your makeup. The good news is that some of these products have SPF to help keep you protected from the UV rays throughout the day. Skin tints create a perfect glow leaving your skin feeling dewy and hydrated.