Different Types of Facials

Different types of Facials

Getting a facial can do wonders for our skin, leaving you feeling amazing rejuvenated and cleaned, however, there are so many different types of facials which one should you choose? Our face is probably the most distinguishing feature about ourselves, it’s the first thing people notice when they meet us and it’s our primary way of communicating with each other. Keeping your face fresh and clean is a very important aspect of having a cleansed youthful-looking face. Facials provide the refreshing exfoliation you need to practice good facial maintenance. With the many types of facials, it can be hard to choose the one you would like to have for your face.

Here is a list of different types of facials that LeSavon has made to help you choose one for better-looking skin.

The Classic Facial

A classic facial is one of the most common facial used, it has more of a standard approach to cleansing your face. This facial will cleanse your pores, which can become clogged with oil, dead skin cells and much more. If you have normal-dry skin and just need a good cleanse, this is an excellent facial to use.

The Oxygen Facial

One of the most trendy facials you see today is the oxygen facial, celebrities, and models are a very big fan of this type of facial for the amazing youthful effects it has on the face. This type of facial uses pure oxygen molecules applied directly to your face, giving your skin direct oxygen treatment. This promotes the skin on your face to regenerate and produce new skin cells, leaving you with younger healthier skin.

Deep Cleansing Men’s Facial

Ladies, how many times have you badgered your boyfriend or husband to get a facial? Believe it or not, men can also benefit from getting a facial. Men tend to be much less attentive to their face than women, so when taking your man to get a facial, usually a deep cleansing facial is the perfect one. A deep cleansing facial focuses on getting deep into the pores of your skin and eliminating all of the dirt and oil that has collected over the years. This will give the look of amazing youthful-looking skin that will cause an actual glow to the face.

The Microdermabrasion Facial

More on the line of a cosmetic procedure, this type of facial is excellent for creating the most youthful-looking skin. Usually done by a dermatologist or nurse practitioner, the procedure involves going deep within the layers of the skin to exfoliate unwanted oils and dirt. This is more invasive than your standard facial because it penetrates much deeper into to layers of the skin. This is the ultimate facial for creating the most youthful-looking skin.