Ways to Maintain Healthy Skin in the Winter

image of woman smiling in the winter time.

As the temperature keeps dropping, your skin might also winter into dryness and dehydration. Don’t lose its precious moisture because of the weather!

How to Take Care of Your Skin This Winter

This season can easily dry out the skin even when you apply moisturizers because of the changing weather from cool to blistering cold. Like the weather, your skin will also need a time for transitioning and coping up with the new temperature. With the proper skin care, your skin will not only flawlessly adapt to the weather changes but also cure any damage made in the summer and prepare your skin for the even-colder winter season. Here are some ways to maintain a healthy skin even in the winter.

1. Use Creamy Body Wash Instead of Soap

Soaps can be harsh, especially the fragrant ones. Save those for summer and switch to a creamy skin care products this season that is gentle to your skin. Keep it hydrated when it is most needed.

2. Exfoliate with an Oil-Based Scrub

Winter is the perfect time to get rid of those dead skin cells from last summer. Gentle exfoliation will reveal a healthy and new skin.

3. Give Your Lips Protection

The cold weather can cause your lips to dry, crack, and peel. Avoid this painful and unfortunate thing from happening by applying a moisturizer that includes SPF.

4. Keep Hand Cream Handy

Either because of the cold temperature or the amount of washing to prevent the spreading of germs, dry hands can be very uncomfortable. But you can always moisturize your hands by keeping a hand cream in your purse.

The Bottom Line

As the temperature transitions, we should be extra gentle with our skin to avoid discomfort. Good thing, it is easy to keep the skin healthy by keeping it moisturized the whole season.