6 Ways to Spruce up Your Bath

6 Ways to Spruce up Your Bath

Taking baths is a great way to unwind after a long day or week long of hard work. Not only is bathtime a great relaxing ritual, it’s also an amazing way to mediate and escape the world for a few minutes. Whether if you’re dropping in some bath bombs or using relaxing salt baths, here are a few inspiration ideas that you can add to spruce up your bathtime.

6 Tips for Sprucing up Your Bathtime

1. Candles

Dim the lights and light up those candles to set the mood. Candles makes a nice, relaxing touch to a bubble bath and if scented, it can double as an aromatherapy session as well. Candles can help you relax and ease your mind while you indulge in your bath.

2. Flower Petals

Throwing in some flower petals into your bath is the perfect photo op for your social media. But most importantly, they add that elegant touch to your bath. If your significant other is joining you, throwing in some petals from red roses can also add that romantic touch as well.

3. Calm Music

Make a bath time playlist with soothing music to keep your mind at ease and calm. It’s best to play music from a speaker to prevent any electronics from dropping into the bath.

4. Aromatherapy

There are many benefits that come with aromatherapy. From candles to essential oils, they add a great touch to any bathtime. Essential oils relieves stress, anxiety, and can also promote a better mood.

5. Sip on Your Favorite Drink

Pour yourself some herbal tea or some red wine for you to indulge in while relaxing in your tub. Get double the relaxation from drinks with great benefits that will help soothe the mind and body.

6. Invest in a Bath Tray

If bathtime is a regular thing, consider investing in bath tray for those who like to spend a few extra minutes in the bath. A bath tray is great to keep your magazines, books, drinks, and more within your reach.