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Abby Q.
December 2015

They have the best customer service! The moment that I walk in, one of their representatives made me laugh out loud. He got me to try one of their popular products with their exclusive facial! I'm definitely going to visit this place again.

Melissa S.
October 2015

When you walk around a prestigious venue, you're thinking about how expensive everything is. I didn't think about Le Savon any less, but I was surprised by their prices. I'm so happy with their products that every time I'm in the area, I have to stop by.

Lorraine L.
November 2015

I was so happy to stumble upon this boutique. The woman who greeted me by the front was so friendly that I didn't resist her invitation. Let's just say I got an invigorating facial that day! I just love their products.

Kristin G.
August 2015

When you smell something so good, you can't help but stop by. I couldn't believe how crisp and fresh their store was! I was just in love with all their bath and body products.